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McCandless Group is a full spectrum professional services company focused on the success of our clients. We make it easier than ever for companies, organizations and individuals to streamline their tasks as we handle many of the tasks involved in running a company or business. Rather than having to coordinate and manage various contractors and agencies, McCandless Group will manage all needs and because we are fully integrated, costs and time are reduced dramatically. Our teams work together ensuring your projects are completed on time and of the utmost quality. At McCandless Group we understand running and managing businesses so we strive to simplify processes for businesses and help them achieve success.

Whether it is software, graphic design, marketing, or anything else the business needs to be successful, we have you covered!

Nick McCandless
Nick McCandless
Founder and CEO

Launching his very first business at the young age of 14, Nick is an entrepreneur at heart. Working with hundreds of businesses around the world, Nick founded McCandless Group when discovering the need for a full spectrum professional services company that serves all of the needs a business possessesServing all industries and offering any service a business could possibly need, Nick makes sure all of his clients are set up for success.

Jason Moskowitz

Jason Moskowitz has had a profound influence on the way today’s Fortune-500 companies are marketing their products. From gigantic record-breaking new product introductions to setting the precedent in the world of promotion marketing. Successes include the launching of many well-known brands from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Crayola, Miller Brewing Company, Nissan, Hormel Foods, Walmart, Reebok, Unilever, and Pepsi-Cola.

Scot Robinson

Scot Robinson has been creating and investing in website businesses since the dark ages. With his wife Debi, Scot created the ParenthoodWeb, one of the first parenting websites on the internet. He also founded,,,, and blogs about everything internet on He has been a board member and advisor to several websites including, and Prior to discovering the internet (move over Al Gore!) Scot was a Senior Vice President at Wall Street investment bank, Dillon Read.

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